Home Inventory Checklist

Start by taking a quick inventory of your home, and create a home electrification plan and action list.

Community Solar Handout

Learn how to subscribe to a community solar project. Get clean energy and reduce your electric bill by 5%. Really!

Low or no cost options for a safe and comfortable electric home

Are you ready to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient? If you income qualify, there are resources available to you at low or no cost!

Induction Cooking Factsheet

Use induction stoves to cook faster and safer with better control and easier cleanup, while fighting climate change and improving indoor air quality.

Rewiring America Electrification Planner

Rewiring America has launched their Personal Electrification Planner, a free helpful tool for renters and homeowners that provides you with tips, info on tax rebates and incentives, and a customized electrification plan. Try it out, and let us know what you think!

Rewiring America IRA Savings Calculator

Find out how much money you can get with the Inflation Reduction Act. Use this simple online calculator to see what tax incentives and upfront discounts you’re eligible for.

Canopy Online Electrification Planner

Just answer a few questions, then get a personalized dashboard with recommendations for upgrades, as well as info about incentives, contractors, and product guides. You can also schedule a free 30-min call to get your specific questions answered.

Electrification 101 Presentation

Learn about the many advantages of electrifying your home, from reduced carbon footprint and better indoor air quality to lower energy bills. Get practical tips on how to upgrade your home and make it more comfortable, efficient and climate-friendly. This presentation was created by Brian Stewart of Electrify Now.