Child cooking on induction stovetop
Here is some GREAT news – a solution to the climate crisis is at hand, we just need to hurry up and implement it! Oregon is headed towards 100% clean energy by 2040, but we can all get 100% clean energy right now.
Electrification is not a compromise—it has many wonderful benefits! By upgrading our homes with clean, modern appliances and getting our energy from renewable sources, we get healthier indoor air quality, lower utility bills, greater comfort, and a healthy home and planet.
And your home, if properly retrofitted, will also be more resilient against climate chaos. Now is the time to plan for more comfortable, affordable adaptation to extreme weather and bad air quality.

Cost & Efficiency

Monthly utility bills for all-electric homes are cheaper for most families.  It’s already less expensive to build new homes to be all-electric.

Federal incentives just increased for all sorts of electrification projects.  Explore the Inflation Reduction Act calculator from Rewiring America to find out how much you can save.

Oregon’s Community Solar Program allows anyone with an electric bill to sign up for renewable electricity – and see a decrease in their electric bill (Now 25% for low-moderate income participants!).


All-electric homes are much healthier, with better indoor air quality and lower risk of asthma, fire, or carbon monoxide poisoning.  Families for Climate maintains a collection of videos explaining the pediatric health benefits of going electric.


Modern electric machines work BETTER than fossil ones.  For example, electric heat pumps make your home comfortable in both winter and summer, since they’re just air conditioners that can run in reverse to also heat.

Cooking on an induction cooktop saves time in cooking and cleanup.  With no open flames or hot coils, it also allows children and elders to cook more independently.

Climate & Resilience

You’ll lower your greenhouse gas emissions – toward zero when powered by renewables!

You can be resilient to grid outages with solar panels and home battery storage.

It’s Fun!

If you identify as someone who cares about health and the future of humanity, an electric update for your home is a great personal challenge and you can reward yourself with badge stickers along the way.

Child cooking on induction stovetop
Child cooking on induction stovetop
Child cooking on induction stovetop