Our Story

ElectrifyPDX supports renters and owners with information, community, and recognition on their journey toward a healthy home and planet.

For several years, Portlanders have been quietly transitioning our homes to 100% renewable electricity to simultaneously experience the benefits of all-electric homes and fight climate change. The extreme heat of 2021 made climate change more personal and urgent than ever before, greatly increasing the number of people taking decisive action. We are modernizing our homes with electric appliances and cutting pipes that formerly supplied fossil fuel. Yet these critical improvements remain largely invisible from the street.  Until now.

This program is designed to celebrate and brings visibility to individual efforts, educate homeowners & renters, and ultimately accelerate the transition to clean electricity. The process for each household varies and there can be real barriers to overcome. But this is a start towards building a network to share tips, lessons and resources so that hundreds more can join this path.

Home electrification won’t happen overnight. It’ll take time, as less efficient electric and gas-powered appliances reach the ends of their useful lives and get replaced, one-by-one. The best time to start the transition is now—and the best time to make a replacement plan is before the hot water or heat fail, not after. We’ve created this program to help folks plan ahead, with their neighbors, to modernize their homes for a 100% renewable electric future.

Thanks to Flint Design Co. and Booyah Creative working with us through the design/build process to get this program up and running right when we need it most. This Is It.