Home Update Process

Electrify Your Home

The next generation of home appliances – and the clean energy they run on – is here! Safer, healthier, more comfortable, and much more efficient options are now available.  ElectrifyPDX is here to support you in making your plan, so you’re ready to take advantage of new rebates, tax credits, and other programs when it’s time to replace appliances.  This program is for you, whether you want to swap them out as they die or you’re ready to get off fossil fuels this year.

This program will guide you through a series of steps toward achieving a 100% clean, renewable electric home. You’ll find options that fit a variety of budgets and local contractors able to help inform your plan. Once you’ve enrolled, download Rewiring America’s compact Electrify Everything Guide and our Home Electrification Plan template for a printable inventory and checklist to help keep you on track.

The Steps

Sign Up

Make a Plan

Take Action

Get Certified

Spread the Word

‘In-process’ sign and welcome kit

When you sign up, you get a durable yard sign to post in a visible spot. As you electrify each system in your home, apply badges to your sign:

  • Off-site renewable energy (such as community solar)
  • On-site renewable energy (if you install solar on your rooftop)
  • Air heating and cooling
  • Water heating
  • Appliances (e.g. your stove)

We’ll also provide you with a printed home electrification plan and other helpful resources to help you get started. All signs are available in English or Spanish.

Final certification sign

Once you’ve earned all the badges and your home is powered 100% by clean energy, upload an electric bill or other documentation and we’ll send you a permanent, aluminum, certification sign.