December 2022 Newsletter

Dec 8, 2022

Get the first sign on your block!

If you haven’t already, sign up here for your ElectrifyPDX sign.  Join the ongoing conversation at our ElectrifyPDX Facebook group, where 120+ folks are sharing updates and answering each other’s questions about electrifying their homes.  Finally, check out the new “Contractors” page we added to our website, with referrals to trade partners.

Do you know a group that would like an ElectrifyPDX presentation?

We’re starting to spread the word at in-person and virtual events.  For the coming month, we’ve planned presentations and Q&A sessions for Adidas staff, First Unitarian congregants, Portland’s City Council, and Chicago Title (continuing ed for real estate agents).  Our small, dedicated group of volunteers is ready for more – so if you have suggestions or introductions, please send them our way.

Plan the next step of your electrification update

As we approach the new year, smart electrifiers are making decisions on what to do now, what to wait for until the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) kicks in.  Here are a few quick end-of-year tips:

Get a heat pump water heater NOW:  One smokin’ deal expires Dec. 31st: Significantly reduced prices on new, quiet, Wifi-controlled, super-efficient heat pump water heaters are available now through Gen Pac, underwritten by local utilities. Add to that a $300 federal tax credit! You’ll still need an installer (unless you want to DIY it).  We’ve got a couple listed on our site to consider.  If you’ve been looking for a chance to upgrade from your old resistance or gas water heater, don’t wait!

Sign up for Community Solar NOW:  Project managers are still enrolling anyone with an electric bill for Round 2 of Community Solar – and it’s sounding pretty unlikely that there will be another round after this one.  Once they launch, you’ll get 20 years of 100% renewable electricity and a bill deduction of ~5% (with greater savings for low income participants). Signing up is easy. Here’s a link to sign up with Oregon Shines, which is offering $25/registrant to offset the cost of low-income participants in ElectrifyPDX.

Plan ahead for 2023!

The IRA introduces a slew of new incentives for electrification, starting in 2023.  You can qualify for new tax credits starting on January 1st.  Then later in the year, up-front discounts (focused particularly on low/mod income households) will be introduced as well.  Here’s a snapshot of upcoming incentives.  For details, check out the fantastic and easy-to-use IRA calculator on the Rewiring America website.

Electrification Spotlight, shared by our sponsor, Families for Climate:

Meet Zoe and Dan! In early November, they completed their all-electric home update. Zoe is a nurse and when asked why they made this change she said, “Who wants invisible, toxic, flammable gas in the house? Not us!”  We’re planning to celebrate with them in January, with what will hopefully be the first of many after-school driveway dance parties to celebrate folks capping their gas pipes!