June 2023 Newsletter

Jun 15, 2023

It’s shockingly easy to sign up for Community Solar

Follow our step-by-step guide and sign up in under 10 minutes!

Rent or Own. No sunny rooftop required. Subscribe to a community solar project. Get clean energy and reduce your electric bill by at least 5%. Really!

The Oregon Community Solar Program allows thousands of Oregonians to power their homes with solar energy, even if they don’t own their home or have a sunny roof. You can too, by subscribing to a large off-site solar project being built here in Oregon.

It’s easy to enroll, there’s no up-front cost, and you will save ~5% (or up to 30% if you income-qualify) on your electric bill once the solar farm is completed. All you need is a recent electric bill or your account number.

Sign up today! Here’s how: 

  1. Login to your electric utility (PGE or Pacific Power) and download your latest bill
  2. Go to Oregon Shines and click Sign Up (or check out Oregon Community Solar Program for other groups offering community solar)
  3. On the Oregon Shines site, fill out the online form, which asks for basic info like your name, address, email, birth date and your electric utility
  4. Confirm whether you qualify as low income or not, using the chart they provide. If you do, you get some additional benefits, including a bigger discount on your electric bill, and you’ll be redirected to the Community Energy Project
  5. Upload your electric bill
  6. Select which solar project you’d like to sign up for. They’ll do their best to slot you into that project, or put you into the next available project
  7. Provide your electronic signature and click Submit
  8. You’ll get a confirmation email, along with a Final Participant Agreement, and will be notified when your solar project is up and running and you can expect to start seeing discounts on your electric bill. Voilá!

Not just for homes & apartments:

Don’t stop with your personal electric bill!  If you own a business or live in a home owner association with an electric bill, you can sign those up too, using the same process.

Sign Up Now


Upcoming Events

Cully Sunday Parkways!

Sunday, June 25th | 11am-4pm

Come visit our booth at Cully Sunday Parkways on June 25th! We’ll be doing another drawing for a Duxtop portable induction cooktop.

We hope to see you there!

Get more info about Sunday Parkways


Electrification Open House

Tuesday, June 20th | 5-8pm

Curious about the pros and cons, logistics, and costs involved in electrifying everything in your home? Check out this Electrification Open House at 3225 NE 29th Avenue, Portland, 97212. Learn about heat pumps for space heating and cooling; heat pump water heaters; cooking via induction; and generating and storing power through PV solar with battery backup.



Save the Date for our ElectrifyPDX Pedalpalooza Ride!

Saturday, July 22nd | 10am-Noon 

Pedal into the future! Join us for an electrifying two-wheeled adventure, hosted by ElectrifyPDX. Starting at Irving Park, we’ll power through inner NE and SE, visiting three homes transformed by the electrification revolution. We’ll conclude our journey at noon with a picnic back in Irving Park. Grab your helmet, hop on your trusty steed (electric or analog), and join us! Electric costumes encouraged! See the Pedalpalooza site for more details! Spread the word!


Summer is here! Harness the sun to use less electricity

When the sun is out, it’s fun to find ways to tap into solar energy. Here are some tips for getting outside, enjoying the sun, and saving money on your energy bills:

  • Clothesline: If you haven’t experienced the joy of clothes and sheets that have been dried in the sunlight, now is your chance! Join 89% of your fellow earthlings by drying on the line. Install a clothesline in a sunny area outside your home and give your indoor dryer a rest. More on the Hang Drying Revolution from ElectrifyPDX advisor Joe Wachunas.
  • Solar cookers: With a solar cooker, you can cook and play outside at the same time! Plus you won’t heat up your home on warm days. Solar cookers combine reflection and insulation to use the heat of the sun to cook food. Top design goes to Sun Oven, but there are plenty of less expensive options too. Or check out youtube for a plethora of videos on how to make your own.
  • Bike rides and walks: When the weather is friendly, park the car and get around by bike and foot if you’re able. Get some exercise and vitamin D while you’re running your errands.


Get your company or business certified!

Did you know we certify businesses that are 100% powered by clean electricity? We now have window decals, so storefronts can easily display their ElectrifyPDX certification. If you own a business that’s all clean electric, it just takes a few minutes to get certified! Let your customers know that your business supports a healthy planet.

Get your business certified

Know a local business owner who might be interested? Let them know!


Have an electrification question?

We’ve got answers! Visit our Facebook group and post your question today.

Become an ElectrifyPDX Volunteer Ambassador!

Want to help us spread the word about electrification? We love giving presentations!

If your church group, employer, non-profit org, trade group, etc. would be interested in hearing us speak, please email shannon@electrifypdx.org